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Importer Security Filling System

Please complete form at least 96 hours before delivering container/cargo to port or CFS Email to SERVICE@WELLPORTUSA.COM

Manufacturer (factory) name and address: ____________________

Seller (vendor) name and address: __________________________

Importer name and address: _______________________________

Ship to name and address: _________________________________

* 集装箱装箱地点
* Container stuffing location: ________________________________

* 集装箱拼箱人(装箱人)名称和地址
* Consolidator name and address: ____________________________

EIN of Importer of Record: ___________________________________

Bill of lading Number ________________________________________

PO#(s): ___________________________________________________

Surety ID/Bond No./Bond Holder No:____________________________

商品关税代码 Commodity HTS number:__________________________

货物名称 Description of Goods:_________________________________

货物原产国 Country of origin:___________________________________

件数 毛重 QTY G.W (kgs): _____________________________________

Vendor Email address: ________________________________________ 

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